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The 6 Best Leashes for Running with Your Dog in 2022

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If you're an avid runner who also owns a dog, you probably have, at the very least, thought to take your four-legged friend running with you. After all, you're both fit, enthusiastic, and love being outdoors. Layer on the health benefits running can provide you and your pup, and why wouldn't you want to take Fido or Fluffy for a jog?

If you plan to run with your dog, you will definitely need a leash, but not just any leash. There are some leashes on the market specifically designed for running that are generally safer and more enjoyable for both of you, says Melia Garza, RRCA-certified running coach and owner of Journey to Run LLC. "Instead of being held in your hand, running leashes are typically worn around your waist, allowing your hands to be free for better balance, [allowing] allows you to swing your arms more naturally without pulling on your dog,” she explains. "When your arms can move naturally, your gait will be more natural and aligned, which can help prevent injuries."

Additionally, Garza points out that moving the leash from your hand to your abdomen provides a stronger connection near your center of gravity. "Many running leashes also include one or more stretchy bungee sections designed to absorb shock and further reduce the pulling on you and your dog from the running motion," she says. "The bungee also reduces the risk of injury if you or your dog decides to stop suddenly."

What to Look for in a Running Leash

Want to put yourself on a leash? Consider the following before purchasing:


Garza recommends looking for a running leash made from a sturdy material like nylon with reinforced stitching for added durability. "If you're going for a run early or late in the day, you might also want a leash that's made with reflective fabric or stitching to improve visibility," she adds.


The length of a running leash is also important - and when determining which length is right for you, it's a good idea to consider the size of your dog. "Generally, the larger the dog, the shorter the leash can be because there's less distance between your waist and the dog's harness," says Garza. "If the leash is too long, it can pose a tripping hazard; if it's too short, there can be too much tension and you might end up tripping over your dog because he's a little too close. "


Another factor to consider is where you are going to run. "If you plan to run your dog in an urban environment, a shorter leash will give you better control of your dog on shared streets and sidewalks, but if you are running in a more rural setting, a longer leash may be fine, ", says Garza. "Keep in mind, however, that the longer the leash, the more difficult it can be to quickly take control of your dog."

Hands free

A hands-free leash lets you focus on your surroundings and control your pup with more than just your arms, notes Cortney Logan, running trainer and founder of Run Sweat Sip. "The rubber band acts as a shock absorber and protects you from any sudden pulling movements from your dog," she says. "The hands-free system also reduces the amount of tugging you and your dog would otherwise experience with a standard leash."

Below, check out our favorite leashes for when you and your dog are ready to hit the pavement.

6 Best Dog Running Leashes

running leash

Ruffwear Roamer Bungee Dog Leash — $40.00

If you are looking for a durable leash that will last you through the years, this is a great choice. "Ruffwear is known for its quality, and although it doesn't have a lobster-style clasp, the Swiveling Talon Clip™ is a great substitute and can be easily used while wearing gloves," says Audrey Fellows, trainer of certified professional dogs at Go underground. "The leash is so sleek, you could easily miss the handy traffic control handle near the clasp to keep your dog close as you pass others on the trail."

running leash

SparklyPets, hands-free leash - $22.00

You can buy this leash, ideal for medium or large dogs, with a standard belt or a premium belt with an integrated, padded and zipped pouch. "The pouch is handy for your phone, keys, gels, and treats for your dog," says Garza. "The leash can quickly convert to a standard hand lead with a rubber grip and the length will fit most dogs."

running leash

Kurgo, Quantum 6-in-1 Dog Leash — $30.00

Looking for a multi-tasking leash? This one is basically the jack-of-all-trades, according to Garza. "As well as being constructed with strong materials and reflective stitching options, this leash can be used in six different configurations - wear it around your waist like a traditional hands-free running leash, crossover style for hiking or use it as a standard hand leash for one or two dogs," she says. "The length is also quick adjustable, including for a 3ft training leash, but it doesn't have an elastic section to help absorb shock while running." She recommends this leash for dogs who are already comfortable running and staying close to their owner's side.

running leash

Mighty Paw, Hands-Free Bungee Leash 2.0 — $22.00

This is a well-built hands-free leash that won't break the bank and also covers the basic needs of most dogs and runners. Not only is it relatively light, but it also absorbs shock, allowing you to progress more easily. "It's made with high quality material in bright colors with reflective stitching and comes with easy to locate and grab padded handles for added safety," says Garza. "It's a great choice if you're not concerned about extra load capacity or if you plan on using your own tried-and-true favorites."

running leash

IOKHEIRA, Elastic leash for dogs — $17.00

If you're hoping not to overspend on a dog leash for running, this one should be within your budget while ticking all the necessary boxes. "Although it's bulkier than others, it can withstand the pull of a 200-pound dog, so it would work great for giant breeds," says Fellows. "This leash also includes a seat belt clip to keep your dog safe while they hit the trails."

running leash

Furry Buddy, Hands-Free Dog Leash — $38.00

Friend Dworecki, BS, MA, MBA, running trainer and dog owner, is a personal fan of The Furry Buddy dog ​​leash system, mainly because it has accessory pockets, as well as the ability to use it with multiple dogs . “The elastic leash has reflective stitching, the pouches are waterproof, and the waistband is neoprene with reflective strips,” she says. "You can also use this system with larger dogs, and it comes with a 3-year warranty."

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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