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Run Don't Walk - Semi-Annual Outerknown Sale Is Here

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Now we know you're probably bombarded with Valentine's Day sales (including from us, probably—sorry!). Bras and underwear, personal care products, tantalizing toys – the sales keep coming in and the deals are definitely worth swooning over. If you're looking for a wardrobe overhaul, there's another sale just for you.

This day V, treat yourself and Mother Earth has something you both will love. Sustainable fashion brand Outerknown has just launched its bi-annual sale, offering up to 60% off stunning styles that can see you through the end of winter and beyond. Cozy cardigans, date-worthy dresses, luxury loungewear, name it and you'll probably find it on the virtual shelves of the marketplace.

If this is your first time hearing of Outerknown, listen up, it's a fashion brand worth being on your radar. Its philosophy is all about sustainability and creating "a future where clothing contributes to a world where people and planet thrive," according to its website. Materials, sourcing initiatives, manufacturing and labor practices - Outerknown is committed to creating quality products that benefit both the earth and its people. Until 2030, it plans to adopt a fully circular model where renewable and recycled resources are at the forefront, and fair labor practices above all. Tl;dr—it's everything you'd expect from an eco-friendly fashion brand.

You can now get your hands on an eco-friendly sweater or pair of jeans for a fraction of the regular price. We know these sex toy sales and lingerie deals are tempting, but this isn't the sale worth ignoring. Find our picks from the semi-annual Outerknown sale below and give yourself the V-day gift you and the planet deserve. Can't find what you like here? Check out the site and do some of your own browsing.

Known styles that are worth swooning over (and are on sale)

Neptune t-shirt, thistle — $44.00

Originally $68, now $44

I know it's hard to break away from your favorite high school t-shirt, but consider swapping it out for a more comfortable option. This t-shirt is made from sustainably sourced hemp and TENCEL (a wood fiber), which means it's soft as butter and light as a feather. Paired with jeans, a sweatshirt, over a dress, it's a versatile staple that will rival your favorite college shirt.

Hudson Cashmere Hoodie, Soft Pink — $164.00

Originally $328, now $164

Speaking of sweatshirts, step up your loungewear game with a festive luxe hoodie for Valentine's Day and beyond. Talk about softness: it's made from recycled Italian cashmere and merino wool, so when you put it on, you're effectively slipping into a cloud. Matching sweatpants are also on sale, so if you want to complete the look for less (er, not as expensive), now's your chance.

Cabin cardigan, heather gray — $131.00

Originally $328, now $131

Every wardrobe needs an oversized cardigan. Whether it's a one-off or a last-minute addition, the Oversized Cardigan™ is an essential that lasts season after season. This one happens to be made from a dreamy cotton and alpaca blend that's warm, comfy, and chic. It also happens to be on sale and comes in a moody indigo if gray isn't your thing.

Fillmore Boyfriend Jeans — $129.00

Originally $198, now $129

ICYMI, sustainable denim is hard to find. If you are looking for jeans that fit you well and Mother Earth, check out Outerknown's selection of jeans, many of which are on sale RN. We love these casual, slightly cropped boyfriend jeans that give off an effortlessly cool vibe. Other than that, they're made from recycled and organic cotton which reduces waste, synthetic chemicals, and other harmful by-products that traditional denim misses.

Second Spin Jogger Sweatpants, Cranberry — $54.00

Originally $98, now $54

Again, jeans are hard pants, and these are so 2019. Opt for more comfortable soft pants, like these cranberry-colored joggers. True to their name, they're made from pre- and post-consumer cotton blended with TENCEL, for the ultimate comfort you'll feel good in. Fun Fact: There's a QR code tag sewn into each pair that you can scan and see for yourself exactly how they were made. See the closed-loop process for yourself. Talk about transparency!

Poet Blouse, Salty Aegean Flowers — $51.00

Originally $128, now $51

Looking for a sexy top to wear on Valentine's Day? This lightweight blouse is a solid bet. The ruffled hem, pleated sleeves and floral print are romantic without being over the top. But we adore the material, which is a soft blend of silk, cotton and hemp that will also leave you swooning.

Utility suit, salt — $101.00

Originally $168, now $101

Better yet, trade in the traditional ruffled evening with something a little more comfortable. Enter, this utilitarian jumpsuit that you can wear just about anything at any time of the year. Classic cut aside, this thing is charged with pockets, including two on the top, two on the side and two on the back. Keys, credit cards, cash, lip balm - there's room for all your stuff, and After.

Chroma Cover Shirt, Glow - $103.00

Originally $146, now $103

A shirt so cozy it could become your favorite blanket? Yes, it's the Blanket Shirt, which might just be the best piece of clothing you can own. It's made from 100% organic cotton that's heavyweight, comfortable, and ready for anything. Look closely and you'll see that the buttons are actually made from walnuts, picked, dried and carved by locals in the rainforest.

Reimagine cashmere sweater, sand — $149.00

Originally $298, now $149

Similar to the Oversized Cardigan™, the Everyday Sweater™ is just as protean and just as essential. Like the hoodie, this crew is also made from recycled cashmere and merino, which means it's a dream to wear. The ribbed collar/sleeve combo and fitted silhouette are instantly classic with any outfit. It's a durable sweater that's worth adding to your cart ASAP.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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