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5 Sweet Potato Recipe Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

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Thanksgiving is definitely one of those meals where my eyes get bigger than my stomach; there are so many favorites once a year on the table and i want it everything. But there's one traditional Thanksgiving food that I don't think I fully enjoyed until recently: the humble sweet potato.

"Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, fiber, vitamin C, thiamin, and riboflavin," says registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, in the latest episode of You versus food. The fiber in sweet potatoes makes them such a gut-healthy win, definitely doing your digestive system a holiday meal favor. If you want to make your Thanksgiving sweet potatoes even more beneficial, Beckerman says seasoning them with cinnamon, which helps reduce inflammation and keep blood sugar stable.

Obviously, sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving classic. But if all of its health benefits have convinced you to give it a starring role on your dinner table this year, here are some sweet potato recipe ideas perfect for Turkey Day (and beyond). Meanwhile, watch the full video above to get Beckerman's take on other Thanksgiving foods, including how to get more veggies on your plate.

5 sweet potato recipe ideas to reap the health benefits this Thanksgiving and beyond:

1. Sweet potato gnocchi

This recipe is courtesy of The Well+Good cookbook and was created by owner and chef of Charley St, Dan Churchill. "It's very convenient and you can do it alone or with someone you want to spend the afternoon with," says Churchill. That's what Thanksgiving is, isn't it? The end result is so flavorful that you only need a little olive oil, salt and pepper for seasoning.

Get the recipe: Sweet Potato Gnocchi

2. Sweet Potato Soup

This creamy, vegan soup is the perfect Thanksgiving app and only requires six simple ingredients to make. Easy dishes are still a holiday victory.

Get the recipe: Sweet Potato Soup

3. Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

If you're a traditionalist and want to serve up sweet potatoes in their full and glorious form, these instructions on how to cook them using your Instant Pot will be a lifesaver during the holidays. Not only does this cut down on time, but it also frees up the oven for the rest of the holiday cooking.

Get the recipe: Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes


4. Sweet Potato Pie

Where would we be to share sweet potato recipe ideas without including a sweet potato pie option? This Thanksgiving dessert has all the sweetness you expect from a holiday pie without any sugar crush. Bonus: the crust is also gluten-free.

5. Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

Another way to have your sweet potatoes for dessert is to make a sweet potato/pecan pie hybrid. "Pecans are heart-healthy nuts that are high in antioxidants, protein, and fiber and contain about two-thirds of your recommended daily manganese," says Beckerman.

Cookbook: Sweet potato and pecan pie

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