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10-minute post-gym makeup routine from a yoga instructor

Successfully transitioning from “sweaty mess at the gym” to “glowing fresh-faced angel” is a skill that, alas, eludes me. But who better to teach us all how to go from workout to dinner plans than someone who pulls it off almost every day, without a shower? In the latest episode of Well+Good's Self-Care Nation series, yoga teacher Tess Koenig shares her beauty routine from workout to night. “Over the years of teaching, I went from feeling like I needed to look professional to not, because we sweat,” she says, explaining that she now comes to her classes without makeup instead of being totally glam up top. "Obviously it's your choice, whatever makes you feel good. But just by trial and error, I learn that I feel better when I don't wear makeup to practice or teach, and then I do kinda to hang out and be social.”

Her easy 10-minute routine uses products that fit easily in her gym bag. Pro tip: If you tend to get hazy post-workout, make sure all of these products are very different from each other, says Koenig. "I definitely did the thing where I think I use dry shampoo and I really use tinted moisturizer on my hair just by not looking," she explains. To what I say, "was there."

Included in her routine is an awesome butt-preventing hack, tips for turning your sweaty look into a glowing one, and a product that helps her fake a sun-kissed glow (not real mandatory sun exposure). Another detail: she uses a serum containing cannabis sativa, because it calms the redness and inflammation on her face due to the teaching.

Watch the full video above and feel free to steal his tips for mastering the transition from the gym to life that will buy you at less a few extra minutes of your day.

Okay, watching these animals practice self-care is basically the best self-care ever. And this is how JVN practices self-care.

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