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Posidonia 2022 exhibition. What was it all about?

Now, Posidonia 2022 exhibition curtain has fallen, one could or should give some time to consider and evaluate what he or she gained these four, full, busy Posidonia days and evenings, what was all about the recent Posidonia?

Posidonia, is an international institution which attracts people who actively participate in the shipping industry and its various supportive sectors, facilitating one way or the other, the transportation of goods by sea, that is, ocean going commercial ships, shipowners, ship managers and charterers.

Businessmen, professionals, companies’ executives, white collar employees, technical managers, naval architects, insurance Hull and P&I underwriters, brokers, bankers, lawyers, ship builders, ship brokers, ship agents, classification societies, crew manning agents, publishers, journalists and the list goes on, flew in Athens, Greece, from all over the world, from about 100 countries, why?

Personal contact, in shipping business, is considered by most people involved, directly or indirectly with the shipping industry, as a key element for professional success, as in any other service business, and what is, transportation of goods by sea, if not a service business?

This time, personal contact was felt as an imperative need, now more than ever before, since Posidonia 2020 exhibition was cancelled due to Covid-19 and thus personal contact was severely restricted and prohibited.

The 2022 Posidonia shipping forums, conferences, athletic events, such as the Posidonia Cup Yacht race, Posidonia Golf Tournament, Posidonia running event, etc and the parties or social events, which took place at some of the best venues of Athens and Piraeus, during these four days and nights, were second to none and Greek economy had it’s share from the famous international shipping exhibition, which brought once again, people of common interests together, to meet, to exchange ideas and their views for the future, to start new co operations, or to strengthen old ones, to put on the table for discussion shared problems about the new environmental technologies, green energy, new regulations, geopolitics, the international trade, the world economy and how shipping is affected by sanctions, ships’ seafarers well being and productivity, threats and opportunities, marine and cyber risks insurance, methods of ship finance and many other shipping related subjects, and last but not least, to have fun! to entertain, be entertained and play, away from the daily office stress, but most important, which is the bottom line, according to the opinion of the undersigned, to meet new people, to see personally each other, to feel and exchange good vibes and energy, to communicate in real life, to declare personally our presence to our peers, to our associates and competitors, we are here, we are robust, alive and kicking, that we are striving for betterment in our profession, through alliances, constant education, and that we value one another, because we care. After all, this is living a real life, by real people, in a real world and a real communication, in a people’s business, as shipping business is.

Marasco Marine’ s founder and President, Mr Anastasios Maraslis, had the opportunity to meet at his favorite seafood restaurant, Varoulko Seaside, with key executives from The American P&I Club, as seen in the photo from right to left : Mr Anastasios Maraslis, Mrs Elina Souli, Regional Business Development Director/V.P -FD&D Manager, Mr Richard Linacre, Senior Market Liaison and Mr Chris Lowe, Deputy Underwriter.
Source: By Mr Anastasios Maraslis, Founder and President of Marasco Marine Ltd.

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